About Us

XSB Consulting & Projects was established in 2017 as a wholly Black-owned consulting organization. Our key motivation emanates from recognition of the need for businesses to adapt smoothly to the fast-paced business and regulatory changes which have significant impact on human capital management and skills development processes in the workplace.

Equally important, is our passion to provide integrated, sustainable business solutions in the areas of transformation such as Employment Equity, Mining Charter and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment, in a manner that harmonises legislative compliance with positive business impact. Our competitive strength lies in our ability to apply a tailor made, solution-based approach.

Mission &


We are committed to developing, facilitating and managing solutions that not only meet our clients’ financial and legislative requirements, but also deliver sustainable long-term value to their business through customized human capital initiatives.


To become world-class service provider of innovative human capital management solutions.